Words from the young

Miss A, who is almost 21 months old, after 5 or so minutes of waiting for me to get her some juice, "I want JUICE mommy!" I could completely understand every word she said.

Zman: "I'm a superhero, I'm really strong and I can fly."
Me: " Wow, what would be really cool is if you had the superpower to clean up your room."
long pause
Zman: shrug " I don't have that power."

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My in person friend over at 4under3, Tiffany blessed me with a surprise gift today. It is sooo cute and since I am a big time coffee drinker it goes well with my addiction travel mugs. She is so darn crafty, she just whipped this right up for me. Thanks Tiff! Which mug do you like it on better?

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We haven't been doing much lately, it is tooooooo cold! So the kids and I have been doing a lot of inside stuff. Zman is really enjoying legos lately, you can see one of his creations below. Miss A is go go go. She has so many words it is really cute how she talks. Well like I said not much here.

Zman lego creation

Miss A playing in the snow.

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So it has been awhile, okay almost 2 months, we've been busy what can I say? I would really like to say that I will be blogging more often but we all know that I probably won't so come back from time to time and there might be something new or a few things new. Like today!

Zman got a rubber lizard at church on Wednesday night, he named it Window. On Thursday he ripped one of Window's arms/legs off and asked if I could fix it. Me being the nice mom that I am said I would see what we could do and put it aside. Later that night I convinced Daddy that he needed to perform surgery on Window and reattach his limb. Zman was very pleased with the surgery and Window is recovering nicely. I'm not sure that we can ever dispose of this 10cent toy now, Daddy might get upset! Here are pics from the surgery.

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Am I really a Hockey mom?

Zman is officially a hockey player. He has all the equipment and has now been on the ice 3 times. He doesn't know how to skate yet, but I am sure before the end of the year he will be a pro. Daddy is very proud of him and is excited that they can now share hockey. I will keep you posted on how he does!

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My good friend, I mean the lady that I bloggy stalk Fiddledeedee, she doesn't really know that we are friends. Anyway, she has been nominated for the funniest blog thing and since I personally think she is just about the funniest read out there I thought I would encourge all 12 people that read my blog to vote for her. So push the little button right down there and find her under “Funniest Homeschool Blog.” and choose her. Don't even bother reading the others, I'm sure that they are not funny at all. So go...Vote!

Join Us at the HSBA!

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So when your mom grows up in sunny Southern California it's no wonder that she dresses you like this for the first snow fall.

Notice the jammies and rain boots.

Don't they look cute!!!

Maybe we should have found the mittens?

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